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Generally, a filesystem structure only affects the way in which documents are stored on a drive.

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Opinions vary. Since some games and software, like Adobe InDesign [go. You should make a clone see next entry if you want to have the option to revert back to Sierra. This will require wiping the drive, reformatting it, and then restoring the clone. Yes, but with provisos. Folks who develop cloning software for macOS are on the front lines of coping with these changes.

It also gives you a clean revert position in case of an upgrade failure. You should also upgrade your clone target to APFS for reasons of like-to-like compatibility, and if you want to have a bootable High Sierra volume. See below on converting external drives. I would advise people who rely on clones as one leg of their backup process— something I strongly recommend—to delay upgrading to High Sierra until both major clone-software companies express satisfaction with the state of documentation and stability on their blogs.

Eject that drive and move it to the other Mac. It sometimes works! Not for many years, because of the tens of millions of systems out there.

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You can upgrade external drives that use either SSDs or hard drives, but not Fusion drives. However, there are no advantages for hard drives, so I would recommend against it. If you have an external SSD that is only used for storage, the advantage is likely not high enough to give up compatibility if you ever think you would want to remove that external SSD and use it with a preSierra Mac. One reader asked if Apple might. A third-party might be able to use the APFS spec to allow mounting such volumes, but there seems to be little market for what would be an expensive product to develop and support only for an ever-smaller number of users of older macOS flavors who also had upgraded boot or external drives in High Sierra or later releases to use APFS.

This required more intermediation between the operating system and the underlying files when FileVault was enabled. With APFS, encryption is an inherent property that can be turned on and negotiated at the filesystem level.

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That should make it less likely that things could go wrong, and should be more efficient. They are not. End-to-end encryption is typically between the operating system acting upon data on your device and another operating system on the other end at a destination. But Photos has come a long way since its first release in April go. That initial foray at replacing iPhoto with something fresher, faster, and better often fell short, because it was missing many features that people relied on with The general Photos interface is more legible, has better iPhoto.

Apple released regular differentiation of features, and in its persistent sidebar organizes features and albums better, too. The sidebar now that it thinks are most representative.

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You can nest folders in My photos chosen—sometimes blurry or Albums as before. Right-click on My nearly empty—and not quite getting what Albums, and you can choose Sort By, and might have made that period significant. Bonus: Any of those nested folders what seems to be a better selection of you create to organize albums can also be photos, probably by working harder to find sorted separately by those criteria through common sets of faces and perform a similar right-click.

On average, changed. In macOS, you press the Play Slideshow version, which Photos 3 shows every previous import operation, organized by date. Live Photos assembled from photos and videos, seemed like a clever idea in search of a remain delightfully random.

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One created reason. Photos 3 finally the back trunk and odometer of a car I lets you create new kinds of results—not once owned. Click Edit with a Live Photo selected, and the Adjust tab of the editing window shows Live Photos-specific tools at the bottom. And you can trim out unwanted parts of the clip. A final option, Long Exposure, has a lot of promise.

With a still shot that has movement within the frame, you can get a lovely artistic image that captures the feel of movement. The whole editing interface offers significant UI improvements, too, grouping tasks into tabs at the top Adjust, Filters, and Crop and letting you turn on and off the depth effect in two-camera photos.

A couple of more advanced features appear in the Adjust menu, too: curves, for a different and richer way to re-map the appearance of ranges of color in an image; and selective color, which you can use to swap out a specific color range in an image with an entirely different hue, saturation, and luminance. A toolbar now appears in all Photos views, not just edited, that includes a rotation button hold down Option to toggle it from counterclockwise to.

It never happened, and Apple never answered questions about it or explained itself. My assumption was that before release, Apple found a flaw either in the way it merged dissimilar sets of people on Selective color, now built into Photos, lets you replace color families different devices or within a photo without making other changes left, original; right, modified to accentuate changes.

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That would Edit With menu. When saved and closed put that kind of information in a place from that external app, those edits become where it was at greater risk of being stored as a non-destructive layer in extracted or even subpoenaed. Photos, so you have the original and the This time around, Apple got whatever revised version.

Previously, only photo filters could be added on. This new category works for creating photo books, ordering framed prints, creating slideshows, and building websites. Apple says that iCloud sync will Apple sent a variety of samples of reconcile different sets of photos for the products made by these companies same people on different devices. The pages were too stiff, however, and turning them was like flipping through lightweight cardboard.

The photos sent were unfortunately too dark to see clearly how well lighter tones are reproduced, but the differentiation in shades for shadows and dark colors was extremely fine. Many readers have multiple libraries they want to merge into a single Photos library, or they have a large library they want to split, in order to archive parts of it, or store it on an external drive.

We recommend turning to PowerPhotos [go. Photos ability to search by date remains extremely poor, especially compared to Google Photos and other tools. Typing in the date as above into search offers no results. The new version does seem to match address well: I typed in September 1, and saw a lot of photos taken in the month of September at street addresses that began with 1. Likewise, searching by place is primitive. Photos is stumped. Search performance is far better than iPhoto and early Photos releases, but it remains as poor and wonky as all the Sierra versions of Photos.

You can also force downloads for processing by right-clicking a manually created album and choosing Download Originals To This Mac.