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Being a finalist in and not winning, and having made three fan films to get to this point is extremely satisfying.

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It means even more to me that my daughters have been a part of this journey. I hope they see this as a life lesson that hard work and sticking with their passions can lead to positive outcomes even though the journey can be difficult. Star Wars has always been around in my life for as long as I can remember.

My brother and I enjoyed scrapping together costumes from random items around the house and reenacting scenes from the films. We would spend countless hours playing with Star Wars action figures, and even made a few of our own fan videos with them. Growing up, I loved collecting and playing with the toys available at the time.

My love for collecting Star Wars toys continues today, which I get to share with my three children, who have become avid Star Wars fans in their own right. For my entry I created a short video inspired by the original Kenner action figure TV commercials, but used modern action figures from the Black Series line that we collect together as a family. Needless to say, we had such a fun time creating the video together!

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Thank you for your votes and support, and as always, may the Force be with you! I collected everything I could get my hands on and afford or I begged my parents for it. Action figures were, of course, always a part of that collection. Having it work as well as it did was worth all the effort though. Being recognized officially by the people at StarWars.

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My older brother was already really into it by the time I was old enough to become interested in the films, so I grew up watching both the original trilogy and the prequels. I was only six at the time. But when Revenge of the Sith came out three years later, I finally got to have the magical experience of seeing a Star Wars movie in theaters for the first time! For me, the Force has always been the most fascinating element of the Star Wars universe. Its portrayal in the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars is especially beautiful, complex, and thought-provoking.

How many film festivals are there in the world?

It raises just as many questions as it does answers about what balancing the Force means, and about what the Force actually is as an entity. I love how the Father, Son, and Daughter represent certain aspects of the Force, and I think that is also the case with certain characters in the saga films.

Light and dark, if you will. Creating the final design of the composition was a long and difficult process. I started with a lot of sketches, and after narrowing the options down to a single idea, I began the process of digitally painting it. That design then went through several major alterations and transformations along the way. The composition I ended up with is quite different than what I originally imagined, but I think that it is stronger because of its numerous iterations. As an artist who is passionate about both my work and about Star Wars , seeing that people have responded so positively to the piece has been really wonderful.

As soon as I saw the costume design for Enfys Nest I fell in love with it. Once I actually saw Solo , I knew I had to try making it. The entire costume was a nonstop, week project. The helmet alone took five of those weeks. I spent hours researching details of the costume, some of which could only be seen on action figures of the character. I tried to create a screen-accurate costume, right down to the scuff marks.

I also wanted to incorporate the working technology of the costume as much as possible. The electroripper staff, belt, and chest box all light up. I also built the vambraces to open and close on my arms, as well as a working voice changer in the helmet. I originally created this costume as a personal project and a challenge to myself. The positive response has been overwhelming.

The gears of my young imagination were set in motion and there was no going back. Truly wonderful the mind of a child is. The skeleton of the krayt dragon in the desert of Tatooine in Episode IV always caught my eye. It was one of the many blink-and-you-miss-it moments that has me re-watching Star Wars to this day.

Growing up, very much alive and ferocious krayt dragons showed up in several video games I played. Groups of eight or more players banded together to take down the massive beasts and claim the loot on the other side of victory. Years after regularly playing Galaxies , I was learning digital sculpting and looking for a challenging project to give myself. I found a screenshot I took in-game during a krayt hunt, and the fond memories fueled this project to completion.

Winning means a lot to me because I feel like I am contributing to the larger Star Wars community and getting to share my work on its biggest platform with people who will love the krayt dragon as much as I do. Forty years ago, when I was a little child, I saw Star Wars for the first time.

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At that time, sci-fi animation was a fad in Japan, so I was interested in sci-fi. Space, robot, science, and future technology. I thought they were very cool! So I became a fan. I was chosen as a winner, so more people will see my Kirie artwork. Even my first celebrity crush as a kid was Harrison Ford. Star Wars has always been a classic to me, a series of movies you can watch over and over again, in different orders, and never tire of.

Winning means so much to me! For as long as I can remember. The original trilogy was basically playing all day long in my house. One of my favorite Star Wars memories was going to see the midnight showing of The Phantom Menace on opening night! I just remember sitting there, hearing the music and seeing the text crawl on the big screen for the first time! Gives me chills just thinking about it! Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood and remains a huge part of my life.

My entry for the Star Wars Fan Awards happens to be a shot taken on Halloween with my daughter and me. I was dressed as one of my favorite characters, Captain Rex.

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She was her most favorite, Rey. We decided to have a little photo shoot in the backyard and my wife was able to snap this perfect shot!


If you know our daughter, then you know it is no easy task getting her to stay still for a picture. This moment snapped in time will be one of my most cherished memories for the rest of my life. Winning this award, especially the Audience Choice award, is so humbling and incredible! To have this picture chosen by other Star Wars fans amongst so many other amazing shots is such an honor! We just want to take the opportunity to again thank everyone who voted for us!

We are so grateful and appreciative! Thank you also to Star Wars and Disney for the amazing opportunity! May the Force be with you always! With my two young children we can enjoy it together, and they have the opportunity to experience the fun and adventure that caught my attention all those years ago.

To just try to be a part of the fantastic Star Wars universe. Like nearly every Star Wars fan out there I have my own movie and creative ideas floating around my head and to have a way to express that with like-minded fans is incredible.

A Quick Quiz: Film Awards

City of Angels. Jayne Mansfield. The horses on his chariot. Which actress played the part of the girl on the motorcycle in a film of same name? Marianne Faithful. Who won the Oscar for best supporting actress in for the film Bonnie and Clyde?