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We tend to do a 4 week schedule in our homeschool as well. Favorite science subject to teach is nature and creation! I love doing exploration-type science experiments. Biology, chemistry, or earth science are all fun! My kids really excited to try out chemistry this year. I like teaching biology, or anything nature related. For science, I like to teach anything that is hands on. We like to do lots of science experiments.

This was such good information for me. Thank you for sharing. I need to work on planning breaks better. This is great. This is a wonderful idea! I was just explaining how I prefer to school all year two to two and a half months off in the year is too long for my kiddo and we both do so much better with a routine! What does your schedule look like on the week off?

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Thanks for this! My husband works 4-on, 4-off rotating each week. We are doing year-round, July through June. Thanks for this timely post! You have shared some great ideas here. I am also trying to simplify my homeschool schedule. I would love to be implement your ideas. And my preschooler tends to get left in the dust as I focus on the other two…. I have my 5th baby due in January so may use that as an opportunity to re-organize our schedule and start fresh after a little bit of a longer break. I am not an organized person anymore since having kids so this has proved very challenging for me!

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Hi Jocelyn! I completely understand those challenges. Let me know if you use loop scheduling! Perhaps using it just for the preschooler might be useful! I homeschooled 7 children for many years. We also did a 4-day school week, but we did ours a bit different. We homeschooled Monday through Thursday and took Friday off each week.

It could be cleaning, cooking, sewing, woodworking, yard work etc. Some days we would just take a complete day off and go somewhere special. We mostly did our holidays the same as the other children around us. There were times that we would decide it would be nice to have some extra days off for vacation and we would work extra hard and finish up our schooling ahead of time.

We always took three months off for summer. I needed that break and so did our children. I like this a lot! Thank you…we are going to be schooling year round this year. Just taken breaks here and there for various family things. If you are a human, do not fill in this field.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Our Year-Round Schedule You may have heard of the sabbath schedule for homeschooling: 6 weeks of homeschool followed by 1 week of rest. Here are the steps: Mark your first day of school. Adjust around holidays or other major events. Some cycles may be 3 or 5 weeks long. Have a PLAN for those off weeks: special activities, schedule dedicated days for your planning, etc. Share Tweet Pin. Tauna 11 Aug Reply.

Gabby MamaGab 13 Aug Reply. Tauna 14 Aug Reply. Becci Sundberg 21 Aug Reply.

Tauna 23 Aug Reply. Ashley 17 Nov Reply. Tauna 15 Feb Reply. Danielle 3 May Reply. Tauna 16 May Reply. I am so glad Danielle! I am praying for this new adventure. I had a great time with my oldest child last year teaching creation v.

Krysten 1 Aug Reply. I like teaching earth science the best. Darcy 1 Aug Reply. I enjoy teaching creation!

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Ana 1 Aug Reply. I like teaching anatomy and physiology! Stepheny Seabolt 1 Aug Reply. My favorite subject to teach is science! Kate H 1 Aug Reply. I am getting ready to teach biology, so that is my favorite science at the moment. Beth 1 Aug Reply. I like teaching life sciences best, humans and animals. April 1 Aug Reply. Amy 1 Aug Reply.

Tammi Buchfelder 1 Aug Reply. Julie 1 Aug Reply. My favorite Science topic to teach is zoology. Sky 1 Aug Reply. Jennifer Mathesz 1 Aug Reply. I love anatomy. Kayla Byer 1 Aug Reply. Mrs C 1 Aug Reply. Tauna 1 Aug Reply. Angela F 1 Aug Reply. Lisa 1 Aug Reply. I love astronomy. Krista 1 Aug Reply. Dawn 1 Aug Reply.

Letara 1 Aug Reply. Tammy 1 Aug Reply. Anatomy and biology. LueAnna Bracha 1 Aug Reply. Amy Krohn 1 Aug Reply.

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My favorite science topic to teach is animals! Dana Bollwerk 1 Aug Reply. Joan 1 Aug Reply. I love teaching Bio and Earth Science.