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She arrived on the page, a shadowy figure, at a point where the story needed a detective to pursue the killer I was writing about. In each of my books, the murderer is the character who drives the narrative forward. But as happens in most fictional murder investigations, the killer tends to be caught by the end of the book. So my editor made the perfectly reasonable suggestion that readers would need to engage with Geraldine Steel herself if they were to continue reading the series.

When I originally wrote the first book in the series, Cut Short , I had no idea anyone else would ever read my story, let alone publish it. So I started to flesh out Geraldine Steel, and over the next few books she became increasingly real to me — not just as a detective, but as a woman with family relations, friendships, and colleagues.

As the series progresses, there have been further unforeseen challenges in writing about the same character over multiple books. Had I known, when Geraldine made her first appearance on the page, that I would still be writing about her ten years later, she would have been in her twenties in my debut, instead of approaching forty.

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Who was the killer? Do you plan to keep the series alive for while? The draft for the third book in the series, DEAD END, has already been delivered to my publisher and I am about a quarter of the way through the next one. So the answer is YES! What an honor! It's every writer's dream that their first book does as well as yours, did it shock you how well yours did? I was astounded and excited. It is a great honour. Being shortlisted for such a major award gives you a huge boost as a writer.

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I had a wonderful day at Harrogate, chatting to Ian Rankin and Mark Billingham and attending a brilliant panel on forensics. This kind of recognition gives you real credibility as an author.

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  • You even have the point of view of a child. What made you decide to write from that POV? But what really interests me is character. I wrote one scene from the point of view of a child because that was the character the narrative focused in that scene. The reason I think this is gaining popularity in crime fiction is because the reader can delve into the mind of the killer - we gain an understanding of the motives.

    Did it ever bother you to write those scenes? Did it leave you haunted? I wrote somewhere that my killer crawled off my pen onto the page. I have no idea where he came from but I felt I understood him right from the start. He haunted me in the way many of my characters haunt me, because they fascinate me. In some ways, he is as much a victim as the people he kills. Neighbours and acquaintances are often shocked and surprised to learn that someone they thought they knew is in fact a killer. Exploring the evil potential in man is one of the issues that interests me.

    Are we all capable of killing? These are huge and dangerous questions to raise and all crime fiction has a moral dimension because we are talking about life and death.

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    That also raises the stakes and makes it very exciting, of course. One thing that puzzles me, what does the writing on the cover signify? Are they real words? The writing on the cover is ambiguous, but I like the fact that readers can draw their own conclusions about it. Not everything in life is clear cut. I think that is one of the reasons for the enduring appeal of crime fiction, because the moral issues are clear and the villains are caught by the good guys in the end.

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    So you have to draw your own conclusions about the book as well. I can't believe that two weeks after finishing the draft, you were picked up for three books. That's amazing! But, you can see what all the excitement was about when you read the book. I'm sure the publisher knew the potential the series would have. Thank you so much for interviewing with me. I hope to be able to ask you a few questions about your next book.

    You will not be disappointed with Cut Short or any works by Leigh Russell. Sep 07, John Toffee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Lovers of british cop thrillers. Shelves: british , cop-detective-thriller , character , thriller , fiction. It was set out a little unusually compared to most of the thrillers that I read. The chapters were short to mid length but each one had it's one title and made for a nice easy read.

    The book is set around a series of murders in a park on the outskirts of London, using an unusual technique whereby the killer grabbed the victins arms behind her back holding them fast using one hand only around both wrist My first entry into the world of author Leigh Russell and her main character DI Geraldine Steel. The book is set around a series of murders in a park on the outskirts of London, using an unusual technique whereby the killer grabbed the victins arms behind her back holding them fast using one hand only around both wrists leaving the other hand free to cover her mouth and ultimately strangler her.

    Steel is new to the station and she works closely with DS Petersen on the case.

    Cut Short Audiobook | Leigh Russell |

    I think it is fair to say she struggles in the role and worries that she is up to the job and feels that she is almost on trial. Some of the chapters are written in the perspective of the killer, aho obviously has learning difficulties and hears voices. Actually I thought Steel and the killer were the weakest two characters in the book and I'm pleased to note that Russell has also subsequestly started a series with Ian Petersen as the lead character.

    The story is a nice, neat one and rumbles along at a nice pace. I thought it was an enjoyable read and Russell herself shows great promise I am aware that the book is 10 years old but as I said above, Russell is new to me. I hope that the character of DI Steel develops into an interesting one that can really lead in the stories written. Looking forward to Road Closed. Murders, the police and a smelly bloke who lives in a shed This wasn't a book that I needed to keep reading till I'd finished, but one that I could dip in and out of without forgetting what was happening.

    Not a book for me that had that 'Phew! The ending was a teense bit flat. I like Geraldine, mostly. She has a tendency to be a bit snappy and was ungrateful when she was helped by one of her team to sort out a problem with graffiti where she lives. I felt I wanted to Murders, the police and a smelly bloke who lives in a shed I felt I wanted to put her in a bag and give her a good shake. I could almost see her bottom lip tremble when her DCI tore her off a strip.

    Series: DI Geraldine Steel

    But hopefully she'll toughen up a bit in future books. At least she didn't come with shed loads of personal baggage. The rest of the team all work together well, and I'd like to see more of Peterson's character. The plot was good, with a really creepy bloke that stinks to high heaven and lives in a shed, and who is murdering young girls because in his unstable mind he's told by a voice in his head that he's clever.

    It will he interesting to see how Geraldine and the others in her team progress. Apr 29, Helen rated it really liked it. My first encounter with DI Steel and I'm sure it won't be my last. Read in one sitting this afternoon! Got this for my Mum yesterday as she enjoys thrillers and ended up reading it first. Thrillers, for me, are hit and miss but that's usually as I tend to come into a series a few books in and find it hard to work out relationships between characters.

    This is the first in the series. I enjoyed the writing style, the chapters are short and keep the pace flowing.

    I picked up on a couple of things e My first encounter with DI Steel and I'm sure it won't be my last. I picked up on a couple of things early in but that didn't take anything away from the story, in fact I kept turning the pages desperately wanting them to work it out! There's just enough character background in so that it that doesn't take over but helps you to see the way the characters are going to grow and develop.