Discourse Comprehension: Essays in Honor of Walter Kintsch

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American Psychological Association 1 , 55 , The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 32 3 , , British Journal of Educational Psychology 87 4 , , CAPping the construction-integration model of discourse comprehension. The principles and practices of educational neuroscience: Comment on Bowers A hybrid architecture for working memory: Reply to MacDonald and Christiansen The mental representation of integers: An abstract-to-concrete shift in the understanding of mathematical concepts S Varma, DL Schwartz Cognition 3 , , Chinn, C.

The role of anomalous data in knowledge acquisition: A theoretical framework and implications for science instruction. Review of Educational Research , 63 1 , pp. Medical Decision Making, 13, Chapman, G.

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Cognitive processes and biases in medical decision-making. Sonnenberg, Eds. Decision-making in health care: Theory, psychology, and applications pp.

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The nature of constraints on collaborative decision making in health care settings. Klein Eds. Emerging paradigms on cognition and Medical decision making. Discussion of Student Projects we may allocate 2 classes to the discussion depending on the number of students. The acquisition of medical expertise in complex dynamic environments.

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Essays in honor of Walter Kintsch

Xiao, Y. Task complexity in emergency medical care and its implications for team coordination. Human Factors. Vicente, K.

Language/Discourse Comprehension and Understanding

Kohn, L. Institute of Medicine. National Academy Press. Tentative Reading List: Students will be expected to read 1 or 2 readings for each class January 23 and 28 1. February 20 5. Nature of Medical Expertise Patel, V. February 25 6. February 27 7. March 4 and March 6 8.

Discourse Comprehension: Essays in Honor of Walter Kintsch

Comprehension and Medical Discourse Kintsch, W. April 1, 3, and 8 Naturalistic Decision Making Gaba, D. April 27 and 29 Wrap up, Synthesis and Future Directions.