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Thank you so much from denver Colorado! December 11, at pm Reply. December 23, at pm Reply. Thank you so much, really helpful, I am looking at several plays from Dramatix which are great! Thanks again. December 19, at pm Reply.

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Thanks Cashy!! Hellooo Jacinta! Its been a loooong time! Too funny! Hope you are keeping well. Merry Christmas. December 10, at pm Reply. This guy went out of his way to provide a nice resource at his own expense, probably for little to no profit, and expects nothing in return. November 1, at am Reply. Thanks so much for this.

It is really helpful. When you update it, including the time the play takes on the link would be helpful where just one play. But it is really helpful. August 24, at pm Reply. March 5, at am Reply. May you please write and email me a play script about Nativity to be played by all primary school, from grade ooo- grade 6.

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December 2, at pm Reply. November 23, at pm Reply. Justin, i dont like been redirected to other links. Just make your script easy to find if its really free. God bless. Splendid, please take the time to read the post before you comment about it. There are no scripts of mine here.

There are only a collection of external links to other websites. This is clearly stated in the introduction. Every website linked to has scripts on it. Try Google if you are not happy. But good luck, because trawling through Google for these is a nightmare. Hence the point of this post in the first place. December 18, at pm Reply. December 4, at am Reply. Other ministers sprinkle their messages with clips from current movies. Over the past several decades, drama teams have become a major part of many church services. These instances do, however, involve walking that so-called fine line.

In other words, make the plot believable. Clearly communicate the theme.

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Jesus often conveyed one spiritual truth in each parable. This is something that escapes some scholars, as they mine the parables for a hidden message in-between the verses. Make the characters as realistic and dimensional as the sinner and the saint passing each other on the street. Cowboy good. Christian perfect. Non-Christan not. Even the wise man and the foolish man were a bit more than just wise and foolish.

As I said before, Jesus leaves room for speculation. Each character was making the best decision for his life at that time. The wise man was different in that he was more aware of future consequences than the foolish man. Or did he? Was the foolish man distracted by the oceanfront view?

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Was the wise man a more tale nted architect who could see the problems with a sandy foundation? Above all, keep it simple. My pastor has observed that churches who try to make services and other events look like a million-dollar Hollywood production end up looking not like Hollywood, but like a cheap knock-off of Hollywood. Keep your drama true to who you are. Jesus certainly did so with his parables. Whatever you do, make sure it brings glory to God and praise to Jesus Christ.

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This is where Jesus beat out Aristotle and every dramatist since his time. Everything Jesus spoke, whether it was a parable or a Beatitude, directed people to their Maker and the grace and love he has for mankind. He is also a freelance writer and an actor who has experienced more Christmas and Easter pageants and cantatas than he can remember. Pete currently resides in Avella, PA. Edersheim, Alfred. The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah. Charleston, South Carolina: Nabu Press, Hoobler, Nathan. Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide. James, Stephen. Cincinnati, Ohio: Standard Publishing, Pederson, Steve.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, Williams, Michael E. Nashville, Tennessee: Abingdon Press, Boucher, Madeleine.

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Copeland, Mark A. The New Testament silence regarding this practice speaks quite eloquently. Second, in the sermon on the mount, Jesus warned about the danger of turning worship into a theatrical production.

Christ illustrated this truth by mentioning several devotional items e. He condemned the actions of those who put their worship on display so as to attract the attention of others. He labeled them hypocrites Matt. Jesus went to the very heart of the matter when he put their motives in the spotlight. The Greek expression is theathenai. Third, the testimony of church history is decidedly against the drama-worship format. The tendency to use the stage as a means of teaching manifested itself in the early centuries of Christian history. Tertullian ca. Chrysostom ca. Eventually, however, the theater was imported into the church.

In his monumental two-volume work on church history, John F. It was out of this very circumstance that the drama of the Mass ultimately evolved. The same lust for entertainment and adulation afflicts some in the church today.