Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

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But many companies have not yet accepted that fact, much less acted on it. The key is knowing which emotions are important, why those emotions matter and when these emotions are being invoked. Facial coding is a great tool to use in market research and product development.

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This sometimes includes holding research groups where brands sit behind a glass screen and analyse what their target market think of their products, but what they say is far less than half of it. In order to know what their target market really thinks, companies have to analyse their emotions and one of the best ways to do this, is by analysing the face.

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The face reveals both conscious and subconscious reactions, so whether we want to or not, our face gives everything away. These are the ones that last less than half a second, not the obvious macro expressions, which last from half a second to 4 seconds. This could give you a tip-off to address any preconceived concerns in the room, to them. Just by looking them in the eye, while delivering your solutions to any potential problems, could help you win your pitch. So how does this come into play on your date and how can you figure out if someone is genuine interested in you?

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And if you want to know more about reading body language on a first date, watch our vlog on body language. What to look out for are smirks, the curling of lips upward and upward turning of the corners of the mouth. If you notice your partner is displaying these facial expressions, watch out. Web Site URL. Optional Link Text. Twitter Name.

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About Dan: Dan Hill is a recognized authority on the role of emotions in consumer behaviour and an expert in facial coding as an aid in measuring people's decision-making processes for consumer insight testing. Follow Us:.

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You Will Learn What Emotion omics is. The 4 Core Motivations.

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