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But for HR to play the outsized role that it must in process improvement, it must play a very different game. And to succeed at that game, HR professionals must make fundamental changes in the way they operate.

For example, HR managers tend to defend the status quo. That means they are risk-averse by nature and on the lookout for threats.

Performance Improvement Consultant

And HR people have to worry about the risks and secondary effects of big process changes: changing the reward system, rewriting job descriptions, handling terminations, and training and developing the people who keep their jobs. Any performance improvement dream team must have members conversant in organizational and individual behavioral — people who really understand what matters to employees.

They need to help make tradeoffs between the needs of employees and the needs of highly efficient processes and information systems, and thus must define the new skills and training required for people to thrive in their new jobs, and coach people who may need to change jobs. Question: Have you seen HR consistently play a role as a key member on performance improvement teams?

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Brad Power is a consultant who helps organizations that must make faster changes to their products, services, and systems in order to compete with start-ups and leading software companies. This type of failure will convince upper leadership that training is ineffective.

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What about all of the other causes of performance issues? If training only addresses one cause, does that mean your training program is unnecessary?

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Absolutely not! Every quality training program can support overall performance improvement solutions. Employee productivity, job satisfaction and overall performance will improve drastically with one simple change: Eliminate blanket training solutions, and start matching the right solution to each individual issue. Being fully prepared with an updated and organized performance needs analysis, or gap analysis, will be your best tool. Whether you are a training professional who works with different businesses or a corporate trainer for one business, take some time to develop your own needs analysis form and process.

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Create a tool that feels natural and that you can use quickly and easily. Whenever you are talking with management and upper leadership about possible training issues or assignments, take the opportunity to educate them on the difference between training issues and performance issues, and offer to develop the best and most effective solution.

Your needs analysis should include methods to help identify if any of the following performance issues exist. Sometimes the best needs analysis is done by shadowing employees for first-hand accounts of their experiences, asking questions and actively listening to them.

How to become a performance improvement consultant

The real cause typically reveals itself quickly when you go straight to the source. Because people are complex and deal with vast amounts of competing demands, the number of issues, contributing factors and causes of performance issues can be endless which makes the needs analysis so important and the results sometimes unpredictable.

Here are some common issues matched with solutions. Feedback is one of the most powerful learning tools. Most adults are capable of closing their own performance gaps once they know they exist.

Improve consulting sales performance and grow your business.

Provide regular and consistent feedback to communicate clear expectations and areas for improvement. You can give the feedback, or you can provide training and tools to the individuals responsible for giving feedback on the best ways to do so.

People cannot be expected to memorize long or difficult processes. If there are detailed steps that need to be completed, it is vital to provide a job aid to assist the learner. The aid can come in the form of an electronic knowledge base or a paper handout, but there must be a resource to which employees can refer for help completing each step.