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Carranza, the schools chancellor, made desegregation his signature issue when he took the job in , denouncing racial inequality and promising sweeping action. Carranza did not develop any significant integration policies of his own during his first year on the job, and his input on the proposals will be a definitive test of his willingness to push for disruptive and unpopular change in order to desegregate schools.

Still, the mayor has final say over whether to approve the recommendations. Some of those policies deepened inequality even as student achievement rose. Bloomberg helped to build. The panel recommended that the city replace gifted and screened schools with new magnet schools — which have been used in other cities to attract a diverse group of students interested in a particular subject matter — along with enrichment programs that are open to students with varying academic abilities.

If the mayor adopts the recommendations, elementary and middle schools would no longer be able to admit students based solely or largely on standardized exams or other academic prerequisites, and high schools would have diversity requirements.

Alternative means of admission should be decided by the Department of Education and individual districts, the panel found. Though it may be months before the mayor issues a decision, the release of the recommendations is likely to set off an intracity battle in a public school system that is nearly 70 percent black and Hispanic and mostly low-income. Black and Hispanic enrollment in the programs has plummeted over the last decade, after Mr.

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Still, the so-called School Diversity Advisory Group acknowledged that the city would have to take pains to prevent middle-class families from fleeing the system. The panel presented the mayor and chancellor with a rough blueprint for overhauling its selective academic offerings, but left many details up to the city.

Application for the Talented Program

The city should get rid of the standardized admissions exam for elementary school gifted programs, which is offered to prospective Kindergarten students and has sparked a cottage industry of expensive test preparation for toddlers, the panel said. If the recommendations are accepted, New York would shed its current gifted offerings within about five years.

In order to integrate high schools, the panel recommended that the city not open any new screened high schools, eliminate geographic zones as a criterion for admission and should not consider lateness or attendance in evaluating prospective students. The city should also redesign its competitive high school admissions process to ensure that high schools reflect the racial and economic make up of their boroughs, the panel found. Though Mr. As the city has tried for decades to improve its underperforming schools, it has long relied on accelerated academic offerings and screened schools, including the specialized high schools, to entice white families to stay in public schools.

But at the same time, white, Asian and middle-class families have sometimes exacerbated segregation by avoiding neighborhood schools , and instead choosing gifted programs or other selective schools.

Gifted Learners

In gentrifying neighborhoods, some white parents have rallied for more gifted classes, which has in some cases led to segregated classrooms within diverse schools. The application system for gifted classes, which can begin when a child is 4, tends to favor savvy parents who have the flexibility to visit schools and, in some cases, the money to spend on test preparation. Check system requirements. Available on Xbox One. Mobile device. Xbox Description Octavia Spencer joins a celebrated cast in this wonderfully moving film. Cast and crew.

Marc Webb Director. Chris Evans Frank Adler. Mckenna Grace Mary. Lindsay Duncan Evelyn Adler.

Octavia Spencer Roberta. Tom Flynn Writer. Additional information Directors Marc Webb.

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Directors Marc Webb. Studio 20th Century Fox. Subtitles English CC. Released year Age rating Parental guidance Duration 1 h 41 min. Genres Drama.

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