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They would then check with each other, seeking consensus on the action to take. Some church leaders criticized this practice. Others supported it. These lectures were published under the title The God Who Speaks. The Oxford Group was following a long tradition. Sometimes groupers were banal in their descriptions of guidance. However, innumerable examples can be given of groupers discovering creative initiatives through times of quiet seeking God's direction, as can be seen in books about the Oxford Group such as A J Russell's book, 'For Sinners Only', [17] which went through 17 editions in two years [ citation needed ] , or Garth Lean's 'Frank Buchman - a life' [1].

Buchman would share the thoughts which he felt were guided by God, but whether others pursued those thoughts was up to them. In the Oxford Group, sharing was considered a necessity, it allowed one to be healed, therefore it was also a blessing to share.

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Sharing built trust. The message one brings to others by speaking of one's own sins, one's own experiences, the power of God in guiding one's life would bring hope to others that a spiritually changed life gives strength to overcome life's difficulties. It must be done with total conviction for "Half measures will be as fruitless as no measures. Some found public confession disturbing.

Beverley Nichols stated "And all that business about telling one's sins in public It is spiritual nudism! However Cuthbert Bardsley , who worked with Buchman for some years and later became Bishop of Coventry, said, 'I never came across public confession in house parties — or very, very rarely.

Frank tried to prevent it, and was very annoyed if people ever trespassed beyond the bounds of decency. The five Cs confidence, confession, conviction, conversion, and continuance was the process of life changing undertaken by the life changer. Confidence: the new person had to have confidence in you and know you would keep his secrets.

Confession: honesty about the real state of a persons life.

God's Own Language Attitudes to Irish, Then and Now

Conviction: the seriousness of his sin and the need to free of it. Conversion: the process had to be the persons own free will in the decision to surrender to God. Continuance: you were responsible as a life changer to help the new person become all that God wanted him to be. Only God could change a person, and the work of the life changer had to be done under God's direction. In the summer of the first International House Party was held at Oxford , followed by another the next year attended by people.

By the International House Party had grown and was attended by representatives from 40 nations, and by the meeting it had grown, and was attended by 50 nations, to the total of 10, representatives.

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The meeting at Birmingham drew 15, people, and The First National Assembly held in Massachusetts drew almost 10, people. However, the Oxford Group had its own song: "On sure foundation build we God's new nation, strong and clear? On God's word? Most were coined through Buchman's quiet time; he knew slogans would catch attention, be more easily remembered and more readily repeated. They provided simple answers to problems people face in themselves and others.

John Locke

A few are listed below [8] : Some of the Oxford Group literature is available online. See references. Walter, [21] What Is the Oxford Group?

Irving Benson. For alcoholics there were three autobiographies by Oxford members who were active alcoholics which were published in the s.

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  • These books provided accounts of the alcoholics' failed attempts to make their lives meaningful until, as a result of their Oxford membership, they found a transformation in their lives and sobriety through surrendering to God. The stories contained in Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book , are very similar in style to these much earlier works. The Oxford Group conducted campaigns in many European countries. In a team of 30 visited Norway at the invitation of Carl J. Hambro , President of the Norwegian Parliament. At the end of that year the Oslo daily Tidens Tegn commented in its Christmas number, "A handful of foreigners who neither knew our language, nor understood our ways and customs, came to the country.

    A few days later the whole country was talking about God, and two months after the thirty foreigners arrived, the mental outlook of the whole country has definitely changed. Similar stories can be told of campaigns in Denmark, where the Primate of Denmark, Bishop Fuglsang-Damgaard, Bishop of Copenhagen, said that the Oxford Group "has opened my eyes to that gift of God which is called Christian fellowship, and which I have experienced in this Group to which I now belong.

    Before imprisonment he smuggled a message to Buchman saying that through the Oxford Group he had found a spirit which the Nazis could not break and that he went without fear. In the s the Oxford Group had a substantial following in Germany. They watched the rise of the Nazi Party with alarm, as did those elsewhere in Europe and America. Buchman kept in close touch with his German colleagues, and felt compelled to attempt to reach the Nazi leaders in Germany, and win them to a new approach.

    It was a time when Winston Churchill and Karl Barth [ citation needed ] were ready to give German Nazism a chance to prove itself as a democratic political movement, despite its obvious and repeated denunciation of democracy. Hitler had, at first, presented himself as a defender of Christianity, declaring in "We shall not tolerate in our ranks anyone who hurts Christian ideas. Buchman was convinced that without a change in the heart of the National Socialist regime, a world war would become inevitable. He also believed that any person, including the German leaders, could find a living Christian faith with a commitment to Christ's moral values.

    God is calling you

    He tried to meet Hitler, but was unsuccessful. He met with Himmler three times at the request of Moni von Crammon, an Oxford Group adherent, [27] the last time in To a Danish journalist and friend [28] he said a few hours after the final interview that the doors were now closed. A counter-action is absolutely necessary.

    What Made “I Have A Dream” Such A Perfect Speech

    As study of Gestapo documents has revealed, the Nazis watched the Oxford Group with suspicion from on. A first detailed secret Gestapo report about The Oxford — or Group Movement was published in November warning that it had turned into a dangerous opponent of National Socialism'. Upon his return to New York from Berlin, Buchman gave a number of interviews.

    He was quoted as reportedly saying, "I thank heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defence against the anti-Christ of Communism. Garrett Stearly, one of Buchman's colleagues from Princeton University who was present at the interview, wrote, "I was amazed when the story came out. It was so out of key with the interview. During the war, the Oxford Group in Germany divided into three parts. Some submitted to Himmler's demand that they cut all links with Buchman and the Oxford Group abroad. A third group joined the active opposition. After World War II, further Gestapo documents came to light; one from states: "The Group preaches revolution against the national state and has quite evidently become its Christian opponent.

    Some from the Oxford Group in Germany continued to oppose the Nazi regime during the war. The nations must re-arm morally. Moral recovery is essentially the forerunner of economic recovery. A number of groups as well as individuals dissociated themselves from Buchman as a result of his launching of Moral Re-Armament. Some Oxford Group members disapproved Buchman's attention to matters not purely personal, or his 'going into politics. He had said to his students of Penn State and Hartford as early as that the Oxford Group was "a program of life issuing in personal, social, racial, national and supernational change" or that it had "nothing to do with politics, yet everything to do with politics, because it leads to change in politicians.

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