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Among those set to attend are his feisty, formidable Irish mother Margaret a hilarious Shirley Henderson , his former wife Samantha Isla Fisher , bumbling, self-deprecating biographer Nick David Mitchell and a host of family members and celebrity chums. The theme is the Roman Empire, complete with fake colosseum, purple togas and a real lion. The preparations are chaotic and there is the inconvenience of Syrian refugees who have landed on the beach.

The film is as flashy and brash as its subject. Companies are bought and sold, individuals hired and fired, shady deals struck, money siphoned off for private use and all whilst staying just this side of the law and finding legitimate means to avoid paying tax.

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Winterbottom collaborated on the screenplay with Veep writer Sean Gray and there are some cracking lines of dialogue alongside surprising star cameos. The ending even seems to borrows from the Tarantino book of historical wish fulfilment. McCreadie may seem a loathsome parasite but he also becomes a symbol of the way the world operates. The film may be guilty of trying to cover too much ground as it takes pot shots at the super wealthy, the bankers who support them, the politicians who are powerless to regulate them, reality television, Brexit and the whole rotten state of the planet.

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Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests that the market is entering the overbought zone.

Thank you for your feedback. Introduction Production notes and credits Cast. Written By: Lee Pfeiffer. See Article History. Writers: Erich von Stroheim and June Mathis.

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The Psychology of Greed

Godrej Prop. Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Ashutosh R Shyam. Getty Images.

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Related Hold your horses! This scorching stock rally still has patches of red Equity set to deliver in FY20, but gold and residential realty hold little hope Global stock rally is fine, but warning signs are flashing. Irrational exuberance is more than the first word in capturing the interplay of greed and groundless optimism that takes stocks to the stratosphere.

And exuberance seems to be in abundance in Mumbai these days, with the Bloomberg gauge on Greed and Fear showing its most optimistic reading since in the aftermath of the global financial meltdown. The pendulum has swung decisively from extreme pessimism in October to the opposite end, the amplitude perhaps indicating that it is time to be a bit more cautious on local equities. Similarly, another momentum indicator, the Relative Strength Index RSI , also suggests that the market is entering the overbought zone. The RSI is at Any reading above 70 indicates overbought levels for stocks, and less than 30 is seen as the oversold zone.

Furthermore, the reading of the Bloomberg Greed and Fear index is two standard deviations from the year average, indicating the singularity of price moves in comparison with the mean or a central measure.

Greed (ABC 20/20 - 1998) (with English subtitles)