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In hindsight , he didn't know why he thought the rocky beach provided a more yielding place to land than concrete. Hindsight shows, to even we amateurs, that drains have to be improved when you build more houses higher up the hill.

In hindsight the tripod was unnecessary as I used a beanbag most of the time. With the rosy hue of hindsight , once the contract was signed the actual project was quite straightforward. With the benefit of hindsight , we can indeed debate whether the levels agreed were too strict or too lax. With hindsight , the Government's initial optimism and its failure to impose an instant ban on animal movement were completely misconceived.

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The only grossly negligent act came under the orders of Sir Ian Blair whom Im sure wouldnt disagree now in hindsight. Perhaps the main revelation was how, with the benefit of hindsight , the whole Doherty saga seems so damn tedious. Now, in the wisdom of hindsight it 's easy to look back and point a finger of blame, but at whom? With hindsight , of course, the idea for an alternative, mobile phone-activated taxi company seems brilliant.

It was only in hindsight that we realized we should have limited the scope of our product and market to restaurant discounts. Hindsight bias is and it reveals that the iPhone sold very well, despite being only available from a single American carrier. The answer to this question is, only in hindsight will you be able to decide if it was too soon. However, judging the accuracy of such forecasts on Astronet is something that can only be done in hindsight!

It is easy to look at something someone has said in hindsight and make it match current events. Another perfect release from contemporary emo powerhouse Run for Cover records. Hope This Ends Well. Pitch-perfect math rock from Kaneohe, Hawaii charges forward on raw, ragged emotion. A treat for fans of Polvo and Pardoner.

The emo revival is worldwide—this New Zealand group has all the sincere melodies and big, cathartic moments any fan would look for. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Explore music.

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The Frozone Layer by Hindsight. Harley Langham. Liam Brazil.

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I don't want to help it. What you hear in the words, what you feel in those songs—that's what I was feeling when I wrote them. I want you to see me, just like I want to see you. In his first book, Justin Timberlake has created a characteristically dynamic experience, one that combines an intimate, remarkable collection of anecdotes, reflections, and observations on his life and work with hundreds of candid images from his personal archives that range from his early years to the present day, in locations around the world, both on and off the stage.

Justin discusses many aspects of his childhood, including his very early love of music and the inspiration behind many of his hit songs and albums. He talks about his songwriting process, offering the back story to many of his hits. He muses on his collaborations with other artists and directors, sharing the details of many performances in concert, TV comedy, and film.