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This includes meeting notes, method details, code annotations, among other things. Organize your work and workspace.

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In particular, make sure to use meaningful labels, so you know what and where things are. Organizing early will save you time later on. Many small actions lead to one complete thesis. The best thesis is a finished thesis. No matter how much time you spend perfecting your first draft, your work will come back covered in corrections, and you will go through more drafts before you submit your final version. Send your drafts to your supervisor sooner rather than later. Be honest with your supervisor.

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The more honest you are, the better your relationship will be. Helping your supervisor to help you is key. Socialize with your lab group and other students. Attend departmental seminars and lab-group meetings, even or especially when the topic is not your area of expertise. What you learn could change the direction of your research and career. Regular attendance will also be noticed.

Spot identity theft early. Review your credit reports.

Present your research. This can be at lab-group meetings, conferences and so on. Aim to publish your research. It might not work out, but drafting articles and submitting them to journals is a great way to learn new skills and enhance your CV.

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Have a life outside work. This could be through sport, clubs, hobbies, holidays or spending time with friends. Your PhD is an opportunity to conduct original research that reveals new information. As such, all PhD programmes are different. You just need to do what works for you and your project.

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The nature of research means that things will not always go according to plan. This does not mean you are a bad student. Keep calm, take a break and then carry on. Experiments that fail can still be written up as part of a successful PhD. Never struggle on your own. Talk to other students and have frank discussions with your supervisor. You are not alone. You'll constantly be competing for these customers in the marketplace, and you can never simply rest on your laurels.

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  5. Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Image credit: Hero Images Getty Images. Matthew McCreary. Entrepreneur Staff. That why we are here. Check out this step-by-step guide to help turn your big idea into a successful business. Evaluate yourself. What skills do you have? Where does your passion lie? Where is your area of expertise? How much can you afford to spend, knowing that most businesses fail? How much capital do you need?

    What sort of lifestyle do you want to live? Are you even ready to be an entrepreneur? Think of a business idea. Here are a few pointers from the article: Ask yourself what's next. What technology or advancement is coming soon, and how will that change the business landscape as we know it? Can you get ahead of the curve?

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    Fix something that bugs you. People would rather have less of a bad thing than more of a good thing. If your business can fix a problem for your customers, they'll thank you for it. Apply your skills to an entirely new field. Many businesses and industries do things one way because that's the way they've always been done.

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    In those cases, a fresh set of eyes from a new perspective can make all the difference. Use the better, cheaper, faster approach. If so, think about the current offerings and focus on how you can create something better, cheaper or faster. Do market research. Is anyone else already doing what you want to start doing? If not, is there a good reason why? Using only online resources. Surveying only the people you know. Related: How to Start a Business Online 4. Get feedback.