Lets Get it Done!: A Short Guide to Simple Goal Setting

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What have I been chasing lately?

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Oh my. Need to work on this! I want to take proactive step to a healthy lifestyle eating healthy and exercise more , cultivate friendship and have more fun. My word for is Perseverance. I feel God is telling me to be persistent and tenacious. I give up too easily.

Golden Rules of Goal Setting

Look at these amazing updates from ! More good things to come! Health: 1 Feeling so defeated and mediocre here. I had gained all of the weight back that I lost this past year and I have not been diligent will keeping my workouts or eating plans. I also have a great community of neighbors and friends and we are committed to supporting each other and regularly spending quality time with each other. Family: 6 I feel manageable right now. BUT we had great strides in our school schedules and activities this year.

My husband and I attended our first marriage conference and loved the re-connection that it brought. Finances: 8 I made some major progress in this area in Spiritual: 8 Another area where I saw consistent success. I had been trying to finish all of my unfinished Bible Studies.

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  7. I still have three to go, but almost there! I slacked in reading the Bible in a year. I WILL finish it, just maybe not exactly in the annual mark. This year is the time to change that. I always have some down time but no real hobbies that happen routinely.

    Singing is one of my passions and connects me to my faith. I did return to my old church to sing weekly and one Sunday a month. I am chasing control, solutions, and home comparisons.

    A Complete Guide to Goal Setting

    I see my husband or friends or co-workers struggling and I feel like I need to be the YES that makes it work for them. The pressure I place on myself to do that is unsustainable. We moved into our home two years ago right before having a baby. Our neighbors have all been in their home for at least 8 years.

    My husband craves change and is so frustrated with our home. Having your home constantly out-of-sorts is hard to feel organized in. I know I listed more than 3, but I loved the quote about gratitude making more to defeat comparison. I need to embrace a place of gratitude. Super excited to listen to your podcast!! Categories and numbers: Health — 9: I made amazing progress in this area in , thanks, in part, to Powersheets and little by little progress! The image of the perfect mama. Constantly comparing, reading articles about how to do it right and feeling inadequate when I constantly fall short.

    Good things in ? What I learned from those things… -God knows the desires of our hearts. How could I have ever doubted that? How could I forget, like the Israelites did? He is orchestrating everything. I loved reading your good things, Nicole!

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    Congrats on the baby-to-be and so many great milestones! This is my third year with power sheets and at first I wanted to accomplish such amazing goals. Which crashed and burned. Too much too soon. Look at all that amazing progress! This is my favorite time of year — reflection, introspection, goal setting it may have something to do with being a Type 1, haha, but I digress! This is really something my husband and I value and want to give our girls, I just need a fire lit under me to treat it like a job and do it well!

    Oh man, SO many good things: I ran my first 25k in May a goal last year! I took a deep dive into my faith journey and invested in spiritual direction best. Yahoo, Emily! What a run! You inspire me, my friend! There is a lot to be thankful for this year! I am happy to have made a lot of progress this year as a leader, as a wife, in my finances, and in my home. When I chase rest in Jesus, I feel refreshed. When I chase it in time wasters esp. I learned a lot about controlling my emotions, about leadership , and about prayer.

    Five Rules to Set Yourself Up for Success

    Thank you for doing this! I am in the midst of some long-term family health issues with my dad and taking care of 5 children and I have totally let go of some of these areas. I need to take better care of myself in order to love my family well. I am teaching my children to love and serve well but I also need to focus on the basics and the rest will come when it comes. I have made it a goal to chase sanctification this year. God is growing me through all of this.

    STEP THREE: Good things that happened… — a lot of good things happened, but the top three are… -God has provided time, funds, patience, again and again -Relationships within my family have deepened even more -My husband is my hero — He serves us all well! I know what I want my life to look like when I am 80!

    Lets Get It Done A Short Guide To Simple Goal Setting English Edition

    Missie, you are a woman of wisdom. Just got back from a crazy fun night with friends and ready to dive in. I started by looking back over my answers from last year. Oh what amazing things can happen in a year! And nothing is wrong but we could always get stronger, right. The ones that are the lowest are Finances and Work. I we have made HUGE huge progress with our finances, but it could be better in the long run. Work is going through a transition. What have you been chasing lately? How is that making you feel? Write your list of good things and lessons you learned. I am so excited to dive in!

    Going through the Goal Setting Series alongside my Powersheets really helps me get the most out of the experience.

    Goal - Wikipedia

    Something about having to rephrase things I think!! This is all amazing to hear! I did your goal setting series for the first time last year Lara, and all I can say is thank you!!!

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    How Am I? All of these were only a 2 or 3 last year… slow growth, but growth non the less! Still struggle with perfectionism, control, and comparison especially when tired and overwhelmed but… What good things have happened?

    I had a busy schedule and then decided part-way through the school year this year to homeschool my son. I have felt overwhelmed and scattered for the last several months.