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The views, the condition and the whole set up was wonderful and certainly in the top six courses I have played in Thailand. No expense has been spared to make this one of great golfing experiences in Thailand. After golf I was lucky to be invited to lunch by the owner Dr Prasad whose dream to build something special has come true. The scenery in this area is magnificent and I am surprised by the quality of the courses and the amazing value.

A Motorcycle Adventure On Northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop

My favourite was Nichigo , a picturesque parkland-style course on the banks of the River Kwai. Wonderful views from all three nines, and looking around made me feel like I was in the mountains and rolling hills of Chiang Mai. Mae Sariang is overlooked by many travellers undertaking the famous Mae Hong Son Loop, and was, until the sealed road came through, we were told… part of a well known drug smuggling route used by the drug lords of the infamous Golden Triangle.

We deployed our backpacks resulting a backpacking gear explosion, with clothes, both wet and dry dangling from anything inside the room that remotely resembled a hook.

Bend It Like Beckham

Very faint but definitely not a figment of our imagination… a scratchy, rustling sound from the general direction of the air conditioning duct. It turns out, by a stroke of luck… with some assistance from our Bear Grills survival skills, we managed to survive the night in our mouse ridden, inferno magnet of a room. For the most part, the roads of Northern Thailand had been pretty kind to us for the first day of our motorcycle journey….

The riding conditions out to Mae Surin initially mirrored the first days ride — dry sealed road for the first 7kms or so… then the road got patchy before rapidly deteriorating…. The perfect recipe for a thrilling ride… weaving around the curves as fast as I would dare with a passenger on the pillion seat. The fun was broken temporarily when one of the many long smooth bends tightened up into a hairpin turn….

The start of my adventure - Destination Growth

As we rounded the bend, and the workers came into view, my eyes darted over to the team and in a split-second the Kawasaki had flicked over in their direction… as though for a moment my eyes had taken over the job of steering the bike. One of the workers, pushing a wheelbarrow, minding his own business — happened to notice that if we continued on our current course… it would result in a direct collision with his wheelbarrow…. We had mixed feelings about reaching Mae Hong Son, as for us, it signalled well over the half way point of our great motorcycle adventure. A sweet little guesthouse with lovely hosts and in an excellent location.

My Thailand Adventure (short version)

We fired up the trusty Kawasaki the next morning — to visit the village of Huai Sua Tao… determined to see the Karen Hill Tribe people in the flesh. The Karen Longneck Village happens to be located at the opposite end of up to 12 notoriously slippery and perilous water crossings. After stopping to inspect the first crossing thoroughly… we deemed it safe enough to cross experts in water crossings that we are our barometer gut feel for evaluating how safe the crossings were, turned out to be spot on… we got through without a hiccup.

Making steady progress… we approached the halfway milestone, so close at this point to the Karen Village we could almost see their shiny brass neck adornments glistening through the trees, when….

I hauled the bike up out of the water quickly and pushed it out onto dry land to inspect the damage. Amazingly the bike was in very good shape, a slightly bent gear lever was all that appeared to be damaged… but then,.

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We hailed some passers by and used their mobile phone to call Joe back in Chiang Mai with the phone call I never wanted to make. Joe was really understanding and insisted he come all the way out himself from Chiang Mai to collect the broken bike and supply us with a replacement bike. With our helmets in hand, and my self esteem in tatters… we did the last 1km to the Karen Tribe on foot — including the remaining river crossings that were almost too slippery to pass when you are in hysterics of laughter.

The experience was slightly overshadowed by our unfortunate fall — but we spent 30 mins or so mingling with the Karen woman who were incredibly friendly and more than happy to take pictures with us…. Explore fascinating places of Thailand Book now get the best price. Hotels Things to do Airport Transfer search.

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