Probabilistic Reliability Models

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Molecular Sciences. Although, this has been many decades problem, the existence of large number of service systems on the internet today has rendered the problem more difficult.

This is because the distributed environment of today is more complex with numerous uncertainties and chances of failure at all levels. Therefore, selection of reliable service poses a serious challenge. To combat this problem, over the years, huge number of reliability researches has been reported in literature.

OE 12222: DNV GL concept connects digital twins to probabilistic risk models

These researches have been categorized and analysed in many survey and review studies. However, most of these studies focus on the architecture-based reliability mechanisms and pay little attention to the advances in the popular probabilistic reliability prediction methods which are based on quantitative reliability measurements.

Therefore, in this study the previous survey and review studies are extended by analyzing these methods and their recently proposed variants. In the end the study reveal some of the current issues that need further research. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, DOI: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology.

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In practical structural reliability analysis, there is not only random uncertainty but also fuzzy uncertainty. Aiming at the fuzzy reliability of structure, a novel fuzzy reliability method is proposed based on direct integration method and ellipsoidal convex model. Firstly, the decomposition of fuzzy mathematics principle is used to convert fuzzy reliability model into non-probabilistic reliability model, in which fuzzy variables are converted into interval variables.

The upper and lower bounds of interval variables are determined by the possibility distribution function on the membership value.

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Secondly, multidimensional ellipsoid convex models are constructed to quantify the uncertainty because of the complexity of non-probabilistic reliability. Finally, sigmoid function with adjustable parameter is introduced to direct integration method for approximating the step function, and then direct integration method is used to solve the fuzzy reliability. Numerical examples are investigated to demonstrate the effectiveness of the present method, which provides a feasible way for the structural fuzzy reliability analysis.

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Article First Online: 07 December This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Arbib, Introduction to the theory of fuzzy subsets, Vol. Kaufmann, Siam Review , 20 2 98— CrossRef Google Scholar. Komal and S.

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Reliability Engineering: Probabilistic Models and Maintenance Methods, Second Edition

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