Rebekahs Blessing

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When Abraham was getting very old, he sent his oldest servant to find a wife for his son Issac, from among the women of Abraham's home land.

Rebekah, Wife of Isaac

So the servant went out and stopped at a well to water his camels and he prayed that God would show him the proper woman for Issac by allowing the right one to give him a drink and to water his camels for him. Before he finished speaking, Rebekah, who was very beautiful in appearance Gen. Rebekah quickly gave the pitcher to him so that he could drink and she also watered his camels. Afterwards, the servant gave her a golden nose ring and two bracelets and he asked whose daughter she was and she replied her father was Bethuel and she offered him straw, feed and lodging in her home.

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After the servant praised God, Rebekah ran home to tell her mother what she had seen. After hearing Rebekah's story, her brother Laban ran out to greet the servant and he invited him to stay at their home. After they ate, the servant told Rebekah's family of his mission and of his meeting with Rebekah and he requested that Rebekah come with him to be Isaac's wife.

Laban and Bethuel then allowed Rebekah to go and the servant praised the Lord and gave Rebekah silver and gold jewelry and clothes and he gave gifts to Laban and her mother. The next day the servant requested to leave with Rebekah, but her family protested that she should stay ten more days, then she could go, but the servant pleaded with them, so they decided to ask Rebekah what she wanted to do and she decided to go then. So after a blessing from her family Rebekah took her nurse and her maids and rode on camel until she saw Isaac in the fields meditating.

She asked the servant whom he was and he told her it was his master, so Rebekah took a veil and covered herself Gen. Then after the servant reported to Isaac what had happened, Isaac took Rebekah into Sarah's tent and she became his wife and he loved her. Isaac was forty when he married Rebekah. Issac pleaded with God to give Rebekah children, and the Lord heard his request and granted it and Rebekah conceived.

Rebekah's Twin Boys

However, "the children struggled together within her" and Rebekah worried about what was wrong, so she went to ask the Lord. God told her that she had two nations, two people, or two sons within her womb and that one Jacob would be stronger than the other Esau. When Rebekah gave birth the fisrt son to come out was Esau and the second, Jacob.

"Blessings" - Rebekah VanLandingham

Isaac loved Esau, but Rebekah favored Jacob more. Sometime after the birth of Esau and Jacob, there was a famine and Isaac and his family went to the king of the Philistines, King Abimelech. Deuteronomy states that he was also entitled to a double portion of the paternal inheritance. Esau acts impulsively. As he did not value his birthright over a bowl of lentil stew, by his actions, Esau demonstrates that he does not deserve to be the one who continues Abraham's responsibilities and rewards under God's covenant, since he does not have the steady, thoughtful qualities which are required.

Jacob shows his wiliness as well as his greater intelligence and forethought.

What he does is not quite honorable, though not illegal. The birthright benefit that he gains is at least partially valid, although he is insecure enough about it to conspire later with his mother to deceive his father so as to gain the blessing for the first-born as well. Later, Esau marries two wives, both Hittite women, that is, locals, in violation of Abraham's and God's injunction not to take wives from among the Canaanite population. Again, one gets the sense of a headstrong person who acts impulsively, without sufficient thought Genesis — His marriage is described as a vexation to both Rebekah and Isaac.

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Even his father, who has strong affection for him, is hurt by his act. According to Daniel J. Elazar this action alone forever rules out Esau as the bearer of patriarchal continuity. Esau could have overcome the sale of his birthright; Isaac was still prepared to give him the blessing due the firstborn.

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But acquiring foreign wives meant the detachment of his children from the Abrahamic line. Despite the deception on the part of Jacob and his mother to gain Isaac's patriarchal blessing, Jacob's vocation as Isaac's legitimate heir in the continued founding of the Jewish people is reaffirmed.

Elazar suggests that the Bible indicates that a bright, calculating person who, at times, is less than honest, is preferable as a founder over a bluff, impulsive one who cannot make discriminating choices. Pronouncing the blessing was considered to be the act formally acknowledging the firstborn as the principal heir. He dressed himself in Esau's best clothes and disguised himself by covering his arms in lamb skin so that if his blind father touched him, he would think Jacob his more hirsute brother. Jacob brought Isaac a dish of goat meat prepared by Rebecca to taste like venison.

Isaac then bestowed the blessing bekhorah , which confers a prophetic wish for fertility vv. Esau is furious and vows to kill Jacob Genesis as soon as their father has died. Rebekah intervenes to save her younger son Jacob from being murdered by her elder son, Esau.

Rebekah's Blessing

She explains to Isaac that she has sent Jacob to find a wife among her own people. Jacob does not immediately receive his father's inheritance. Jacob, having fled for his life, leaves behind the wealth of Isaac's flocks and land and tents in Esau's hands. Jacob is forced to sleep out on the open ground and then work for wages as a servant in Laban's household. Jacob, who had deceived his father, is in turn deceived and cheated by his relative Laban concerning Jacob's seven years of service lacking money for a dowry for the hand of Laban's daughter Rachel , receiving his older daughter Leah instead.

Genesis 32—33 tells of Jacob and Esau's eventual meeting according to God's commandment in Genesis , after Jacob had spent more than 20 years staying with Laban in Padan-Aram. The two men prepare for their meeting like warriors about to enter into battle. Jacob divides his family into two camps such that if one is taken the other might escape Genesis