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The gill-lamellae of Patella are processes of the mantle comparable with the plait-like folds often observed on the roof of the branchial chamber in other Gastropoda e. Buccinum and Haliotis.

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They are termed pallial gills. The only other molluscs in which they are exactly represented are the curious Opisthobranchs Phyllidia and Pleurophyllidia fig. In these, as in Patella , the typical ctenidia are aborted, and the branchial function is assumed by close-set lamelliform processes arranged in a series beneath the mantle-skirt on either side of the foot. In fig.

The heart in Patella consists of a single auricle not two as in Haliotis and Fissurella and a ventricle; the former receives the blood from the branchial vein, the latter distributes it through a large aorta which soon leads into irregular blood-lacunae. The existence of two renal organs in Patella , and their relation to the pericardium a portion of the coelom , is important. Each renal organ is a sac lined with glandular epithelium ciliated cell, with concretions communicating with the exterior by its papilla, and by a narrow passage with the pericardium.

The connexion with the pericardium of the smaller of the two renal organs was demonstrated by Lankester in , at a time when the fact that the renal organ of the Mollusca, as a rule, opens into the pericardium, and is therefore a typical nephridium, was not known.

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Subsequent investigations carried on under the direction of the same naturalist have shown that the larger as well as the smaller renal sac is in communication with the pericardium. The walls of the renal sacs are deeply plaited and thrown into ridges. Below the surface these walls are excavated with blood-vessels, so that the sac is practically a series of blood-vessels covered with renal epithelium, and forming a meshwork within a space communicating with the exterior.

The larger renal sac remarkably enough, that which is aborted in other Anisopleura extends between the liver and the integument of the visceral dome very widely.

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It also bends round the liver as shown in fig. Here it lies close upon the genital body ovary or testis , and in such intimate relationship with it that, when ripe, the gonad bursts into the renal sac, and its products are carried to the exterior by the papilla on the right side of the anus Robin, Dall. This fact led Cuvier erroneously to the belief that a duct existed leading from the gonad to this papilla. The position of the gonad, best seen in the diagrammatic section fig.

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This condition, probably an archaic one, distinguishes the Aspidobranchia from other Gastropoda. A , Abdominal ganglia in the streptoneurous visceral commissure, with supra- and sub-intestine ganglion on each side. The digestive tract of Patella offers some interesting features. The odontophore is powerfully developed; the radular sac is extraordinarily long, lying coiled in a space between the mass of the liver and the muscular foot.

The radula has rows of teeth with twelve teeth in each row. Two pairs of salivary ducts, each leading from a salivary gland, open into the buccal chamber. The oesophagus leads into a remarkable stomach, plaited like the manyplies of a sheep, and after this the intestine takes a very large number of turns embedded in the yellow liver, until at last it passes between the two renal sacs to the anal papilla.

A curious ridge spiral? The general structure of the Molluscan intestine has not been sufficiently investigated to render any comparison of this structure of Patella with that of other Mollusca possible. The eyes of the limpet deserve mention as examples of the most primitive kind of eye in the Molluscan series.

They are found one on each cephalic tentacle, and are simply minute open pits or depressions of the epidermis, the epidermic cells lining them being pigmented and connected with nerves compare fig. It has simply been traced as far as the formation of a diblastula which acquires a ciliated band, and becomes a nearly spherical trochosphere.

It is probable that the limpet takes several years to attain full growth, and during that period it frequents the same spot, which becomes gradually sunk below the surrounding surface, especially if the rock be carbonate of lime. At low tide the limpet being a strictly intertidal organism is exposed to the air, and according to trustworthy observers quits its attachment and walks away in search of food minute encrusting algae , and then once more returns to the identical spot, not an inch in diameter, which belongs, as it were, to it.

Several million limpets—twelve million in Berwickshire alone—are annually used on the east coast of Britain as bait. Sub-order 1. Eyes are open invaginations without crystalline lens. Two osphradia present but no hypobranchial glands nor operculum. Teeth of radula beam-like, and at most three marginal teeth on each side.

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Heart has only a single auricle, neither heart nor pericardium traversed by rectum. Shell conical without spire. A single bipectinate ctenidium on left side. Acmaea, without pallial branchiae, British.

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Scurria, with pallial branchiae in a circle beneath the mantle. Muscle scar divided into numerous impressions. Tryblidium , Silurian. No ctenidia but pallial branchiae in a circle between mantle and foot. Patella , pallial branchiae forming a complete circle, no epipodial tentacles, British. Ancistromesus , radula with median central tooth. Nacella , epipodial tentacles present. Helcion , circlet of branchiae interrupted anteriorly, British. Neither ctenidia nor pallial branchiae.

Lepeta , without eyes. Hermaphrodite; head with appendage on right side; radula without central tooth. Bathysciadium , abyssal. Sub-order 2. Radula with very numerous marginal teeth arranged like the rays of a fan. Heart with two auricles; ventricle traversed by the rectum, except in the Helicinidae. An epipodial ridge on each side of the foot and cephalic expansions between the tentacles often present.

Shell spiral; mantle and shell with an anterior fissure; two ctenidia; a horny operculum. Pleurotomaria , epipodium without tentacles. Genus includes several hundred extinct species ranging from the Silurian to the Tertiary. Five living species from the Antilles, Japan and the Moluccas. Moluccan species is 19 cm.

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Spire of shell much reduced; two bipectinate ctenidia, the right being the smaller; no operculum. Shell conical; slit or hole in anterior part of mantle; two symmetrical ctenidia; no operculum. Emarginula , mantle and shell with a slit, British. Scutum , mantle split anteriorly and reflected over shell, which has no slit.

Puncturella , mantle and shell with a foramen in front of the apex, British. Fissurella , mantle and shell perforated at apex, British. Shell conical, symmetrical, without slit or perforation.

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Cocculina , abyssal. Shell spirally coiled; a single ctenidium; eyes perforated; a horny operculum; lobes between the tentacles. Trochus , shell umbilicated, spire pointed and prominent, British. Monodonta , no jaws, spire not prominent, no umbilicus, columella toothed.

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