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The Danish health system is tax-funded and free for the patient. Danish schools and universities are also funded by taxes and free for students. The idea is that everyone must contribute to the community and in return, the community will help care for all. These values of trust and community are deeply embedded in Danish culture and society and have their roots in Danish history.

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Why Denmark is a great place to live. Rotterdam and its citizens have long done things their own way, an attitude that gives the city its distinctive character and sense of exuberance, and nowhere is this more pronounced than Katendrecht. Young couples and the cosmopolitan congregate around the cute restaurants and cool bars of Deliplein, catch shows at the Walhalla Theatre, or simply stroll along the waterfront admiring the prominent skyline of neighbouring Kop Van Zuid and the boroughs to the north.

The shabby-chic industrial interior and huge black-and-white photos are the perfect backdrop for unfussy, homely food. But for something truly unique head to the Dutch Pinball Museum.

Happy flipping! Its river views are spectacular too. The open spaces are really lovely, and a huge number of restaurants and bars have opened here recently.

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The energy in Detroit has been building over the past few years, and the best place to experience that buzz right now is Corktown. Packed full of everything from freshly baked bagels to craft coffee and Thai-inspired cuisine to slow-roasted BBQ, Michigan Avenue is a great place to start your adventures. But make sure to veer off the main strip to discover rainbow-coloured Victorian homes, quirky little shops and historic pubs. Brunch is a highlight here: get a massive stack of pancakes for the table with smoked maple syrup.

Score vintage finds at the Eldorado General Store and Mama Coo's boutique, flip through vinyl records at Hello Records and Underground Vinyl and sort through four storeys of secondhand reads at John K. Party or sleep like a rock star in the Rolling Stones Suite: a refurbished version of room , where the band stayed way back in Low pastel buildings nestle up against modern high rises.

Independent restaurants cook up both classic Lebanese dishes and international fusion. Try the manti : meat or spinach dumplings served with a tomato sauce and yoghurt. Continue your night out with a glass of homemade wine with a view at Sole Insight on the Vendome Stairs. Or check out the hip new hotel Lost , next to popular coffee shop Sip, which has cosy rooms above its sleek bar. If you live here for long enough, you end up knowing everyone.

As the hip, bohemian neighbour of middle-class Miraflores, Barranco has emerged from dive-bar territory into chic hangout without losing its gritty vibe. The s architecture of faded Art Deco mansions and leafy boulevards forms much of its appeal, but its artistic roots run deep too: vivid flourishes of street art give purpose to an afternoon wandering here, emblazoned on crumbling walls by Peruvian muralists such as Jade Rivera. In the evenings, Barranco hums with youthful energy as artists and intellectuals argue politics into the wee hours in trendy cocktail bars and vanguard restaurants.

On weekends, its Plaza de Armas heaves with gourmet food festivals and local musicians.

It moved to the neighbourhood last year. Try the heady Ayahuasca Sour, made with pisco macerated in coca leaves. In a city where technology is king, the Dogpatch — a neighbourhood of repurposed dockyard buildings on the easternmost edge of the city — has become a destination for assorted creatives, artisans and makers. It was inspired by a dish chef Heena Patel made weekly during her childhood in India. The cosy roof deck has fire pits and heat-lamps for winter plus views over to Oracle Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

Stretching south-west from the famous Tivoli Gardens, this creative hotspot is now home to artists, designers, filmmakers, and photographers, and a slew of organic food joints, vintage boutiques and craft beer bars have followed in their wake. Vega attracts the coolest bands, and if you just want to chill, the leafy enclave of Skydebanehaven is a much-loved local oasis.

Ride the Rutschebanen, which is among the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world; see the city from feet up on the Star Flyer; or chill in the immaculate Japanese Garden. Previously a tiny residential neighbourhood of hanoks, Naeja-dong began to garner attention a couple of years ago when two renegade whisky bars — Tender and Cobbler — set up shop in the area. The narrow alleyways between the houses retain their quiet feel, and knowing locals still whisper on the way to their destination, as if to hold on to their secret spots just a bit longer.

This active archery range over the road from Naeja-dong dates back to Chaotic and charming in equal measure, this is a neighbourhood that mingles young and old, Viennese and tourists, without losing its unique character. The menu changes daily, but if you see the homemade ravioli, order it.

This ever-evolving suburb, a half-hour wander away from the centre of Bristol , is a chilled and friendly haven for hip young families, alternative-leaning young professionals and indie business owners alike. Order the house special to sample the whole menu at once.

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Play some pool, have a pint and get knee-deep in some banter with the locals in its palatial beer garden. More or less bounded by St Clair Avenue to the north and Annette Street to the south, the Junction has maintained its small-town, industrial vibe, providing locals and visitors a slower-tempo escape from downtown hustle. The mixed bag of creatives, families and OG locals have made this neighbourhood a hidden gem amidst a sprawling city.

More of a craft beer lover? No problem — stop by for local suds at the Junction Craft Brewery. Try on some cool secondhand threads at Glasgow Vintage Co and Retro, and complete the look with a handmade watch from Paulin. World News 5 minutes ago. Migrants seeking asylum in the United States who are camped in a dangerous Mexican border town occupied a bridge to Brownsville, Texas on Thursday, leading U.

World News 5 hours ago. World News 29 minutes ago. Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, two foreign-born associates of U.

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