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Desolate — The Complete Trilogy. DeadPixel Publications.

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In the first book, inmates at a prison camp at Deception Island in Antarctica discover a buried alien spaceship. Only one prisoner mysteriously survives the infection from a revived alien monster and is rescued by helicopter and taken to Argentina. Connors, Red. A short story in which an isolated, solitary researcher at an Antarctic station slowly goes mad. Despreaux, Philippe.

Target Antarctica. Copyright For a book with Antarctica on the cover, it is disappointing that there are no adventures on the continent itself and little substance to the Antarctic content. Gordon, Alice.

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Deep Freeze. A short story of black humour about a small group of ice core scientists on a research dig in Antarctica. When one of them falls down a crevasse when a glacier splits, the others are beset by dangerous ape-like creatures from the glacier. The only chance for rescue ironically becomes the ticket to doom. Grumley, Michael C.

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At the same time as scientists learn to communicate with dolphins in Miami, a large geological shift along an ice shelf in Antarctica threatens to send a destructive tsunami up the Atlantic Ocean. You have a sci-fi techno-thriller when you blend in some friendly aliens and their technology, a dysfunctional U. Gurley, J. Chill Factor: Ice Station Zombie 2. Severed Press, In this sequel to Ice Station Zombi e , a group of surviving overwinterers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Base fight off the zombies who were previously their fellow workers and scientists, and manage to reach the base at McMurdo Sound.

More zombie mayhem occurs and even fewer survivors eventually are able to fly back to the secret military Antarctic base where the original nanite infection began. They hope to be rescued and to fly back to Australia with a device to cure the infections. Lambert, Tim.

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Dead Penguins. A former drilling rig has been moved to the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and is being used as a pharmaceutical research post. One of the employees accidentally loses a drum of experimental drug powder to the ocean, resulting in dead penguins.

The cover-up and unforeseen crimes are fodder for a silly farce. The Eiderland Incident. Rosswyvern Press. This is a steampunk novel, set in the late s. A British Royal Navy commander and his advanced-level submarine are ordered to search for survivors of a downed German dirigible in Antarctic waters. While cooperating with German rescuers and other British and American operatives, they are never sure who their real friends are. Martin, N. In the near future, Earth is the scene of a worldwide nuclear war and a group of refugees has taken shelter in pre-built underground caves and living quarters in Antarctica, at the Doomsday Humanity Survival Underground City.

Part of a series of books. Meyer, David. A far-fetched action tale of two treasure-hunting adventurers at an Antarctic field camp, looking for Nazi-era stolen loot. Almost everyone is a suspicious character and the adventurers find far more than they bargained for. Nemo — Heart of Ice. Marietta U. They are chased across the Antarctic icescapes in colourful drawings and finally they encounter the subterranean mysteries of the mountains of madness of H. Newman, John. Searise - The Chaos Begins. To be followed by a sequel.

Kingman U. Two Americans go to an Antarctic volcano to search for the entry to a hollow earth. They discover a secret underground fortress inhabited by World War II Nazi clones who have adapted technology used by an advanced race of aliens who previously lived there. Written by two PhDs, the book must have been proofread by aliens, with countless errors of spelling, grammar and tense.

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Queeney, Tim. Perihelion Press. A special U. The world will be in danger if terrorists succeed in their attempt to fracture the Ross Ice Shelf. Riddle, A. Modern Mythology, A lengthy book in which a researcher seeking a cure for autism and an intelligence agent combine forces to combat a secret organization that has kept the secret about human evolution and development for several thousands of years.

The Soldier: Alien in the Delta Series

The action covers a century and moves from secret Atlantean civilization bases in Gibraltar and Antarctica over time portals. Rosser, Si. Melt Zone. Schmall World Publishing. The scientists are mysteriously killed, as well as the special forces sent to rescue them.

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The buried base is traced to a still-existing German company. A third mission of specialist is launched to determine the nature of the still-mysterious site. Sebastian, E. Dark Energy: The Fracture. Missoula U. At times confusing, time jumping science fiction about unhinged scientists who are guinea pigs in their own experiments, dealing with nefarious forces of dark energy.

Their scientific experiments and activities take them to an imploding Antarctica. Smith, William Joseph. They Came From Beneath the Ice. An overly long story about a meteorologist who is assigned to an Antarctic base for a year by his television station and brings his entire family, including four young children.

Buried meteorites found in the ice hatch into deadly alien reptiles, which run amok at the base.

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Tabor, James M. Frozen Solid. New York: Ballantine Books, An experienced diver-microbiologist is sent to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica to replace another diver-scientist, her friend, who has died. She is required to continue exploration of biomass discovered in an under-ice lake near the Pole, and soon finds a video of the murder of her friend. She sets out to identify the criminal, unaware that a biomedical conspiracy involving the biomass is underway at the Station among some of the staff.

In the meantime, security agents in the U. Warr, Michael. Murder in the Antarctic. Gold stolen in Ushuaia, Argentina is hidden on a cruise ship going to the Antarctic Peninsula and several murders ensue. One of the passengers is an ex-policeman who attempts to find the robbers. At the same time, he is trying to woo a woman who has dubious motives of her own and may be involved in another murder.