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When John Lennon first wrote the words, he envisaged a slow tempo to match the emotion of the song. It was not until George Martin started working on the piece in the recording studio that he hit upon the idea of increasing the tempo — and thereby created one of the most iconic sounds of the s. The above examples show just how much of an impact the tempo of a song will have on the way in which we interact with it. Whether you are a DJ looking to put together the perfect mix or a choreographer searching for something a little different for a new routine, knowing which songs have the right BPM is one of the first things you need to think about.

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The simple drag and drop app could not be easier to use, and will measure the BPM from any audio file. It supports a wide range of file formats. If the examples mentioned earlier from some of the most famous songs in history show us anything, it is that we should be prepared to experiment and keep an open mind.

As any choreographer knows, there is no magic to the fact that the dancer can work with this seemingly inappropriate piece of music — it is all about the fact that it is at the right tempo.

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Anyone looking from the outside might wonder how a particular piece of music can be made to work with a given style of dance. In reality, anything with the right BPM will be a natural fit — and the GetSongBPM will find a whole host of song choices that you would never have considered. Suppose you are looking for a perfect song with the right BPM for a particular dance.

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Alternatively, you can take a look in the GetSongBPM database to find some really left-field ideas for a new dance routine. Let's take a look as a quick example.

So with your playlist now analysed, you can add the BPM tags to every song. It's certainly not a tune that would immediately spring to mind for dancing a foxtrot, but it's one of those little-known facts that has already been spotted by one celebrity couple in Dancing with the Stars , the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Of course, it is not just professional dancers or choreographers who need to know about BPM. Anyone who has ever tried to keep party goers or clubbers involved and active on the dance floor knows that one false move with the playlist can make everything fall flat, whether you are a professional DJ at a top nightclub or a keen amateur trying to keep everyone entertained at a kids' party.

Traditionally, DJs have grouped their music by genre or artist — and when they were working from physical records or CDs, they had very little choice. Today, with music stored electronically, there is far more freedom in ordering your playlist by whatever means you choose. By maintaining consistent BPM from one song to the next, there is a smoother transition, and less likelihood of dancers deciding to leave the floor.

His generosity and gratefulness for the art he creates are palpable in this interview, which was recorded live in front of an audience of aspiring teenage podcasters at the ISAS Arts Festival.

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