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Tom uses time in the outdoors to encourage teams, businesses, organizations and groups to work together in a more positive way. The spirit of the Tomfoolery Outdoors vision lives within the heart and soul of our owner, Tom Helbig. The outdoors are for everyone and we should do something active in the outdoors every day!

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We hope you will mix in a little tomfoolery. Be silly, goofy, laugh!

The Elements

Unleash your inner five year old if you are 50 and hang on to your inner five year old if you are five. Through our events, promotions and guide services a transformation will take place. Our roster of signature events, guide services, adventures and lifestyle merchandise are the megaphone for our message!

In My Jewellery Box: Laura Kay, director of London jewellery boutique Tomfoolery

Give back with a dose of Tomfoolery! She introduced the annual wedding showcase of alternative bridal designs , as well as the Collectible series of one-of-a-kind jewels. Here, she shares her current favourite pieces.

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These are my go-to bracelets that I wear on a daily basis. I like the thought of being wrapped in gold rather than having lots of stones on my wrist - I find it goes with more of my outfits. They were inspired by a shield ring that I wear on my thumb.

Musical revue to feature works of famed songwriter Tom Lehrer

They are another classic that are really easy to wear - I would have about 10 of them on my wrist if I could. M y parents gave me this brooch for my 18th birthday. It came from Tadema Gallery in Camden Passage: my parents bought three antique Art Deco brooches, one for each of their daughters, when we were quite young, and we were each given them when we turned They are all very different: this one has pearls and opals, the only piece of opal jewellery I own.

It reminds me of my mum, who was a huge fan of Art Deco jewellery. It also played a big role in me understanding the romance of jewellery.

My sisters and I would occasionally go to look at the brooches in the safe in the gallery, knowing that we would own them one day. It has always been a part of my jewellery story.

Earrings – metier by tomfoolery

I stack a lot on my fingers as well as my wrists. The diamond eternity ring is by Ruth Tomlinson and was an 18th birthday present from my parents.

Every ring stack should have a classic diamond band. T he middle ring is the first Collectible ring I made in collaboration with Polly Wales. I found the incredible lemon diamond via a stone dealer in Germany, and completely fell in love with it. Polly is a close friend of mine; I showed it to her and explained my idea of making a series of one-of-a-kind rings with our top designers. She fell in love with the stone too and this was the result. We made five of them in total, and I decided to keep the original for myself. To me, it represents how much the business has changed and evolved. T he other rings in the stack are also by Polly Wales.