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The data did not reveal how long stay-at-home spouses of either gender tend to remain out of the workforce, though Yavorsky says her future research will tackle this question. Notably, the authors point out, even though parents of this class can afford to hire help for housework and childcare, women still end up managing this realm of family life.

Meanwhile, women in high-earning careers within, say, banking or the law , are hindered by glass-ceiling effects, too. These women still have enormous political power and resources compared to most Americans. However, there will always be an elite class, she adds, and the US might be better off if this particular class looked more like the rest of the country.

Correction: The article has been updated to reflect that the statistic in the headline will appear in a forthcoming paper.

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It did not appear in the American Sociological Review. At the same time, we know that abusive men are tremendously dependent on their partners. Men who batter women are often psychologically incapable of leaving the relationship. What is the cycle of abuse? A cycle of abuse occurs in some families. The family's life becomes a cycle of violence.

Life begins to revolve around anticipating violence; coping with actual acts of violence; or recovering from the violence. Ironically, a family can become tremendously close in the recovery phase. The man who was terrifying and intimidating turns into a remorseful, needy, and dependent man. The woman who was battered then will feel sorry for the man and recommit to him in a fantasized hope that the abuse won't happen again. But the cycle of abuse will begin again, often becoming worse. The cycle of abuse can only be broken with awareness and professional help.

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How does domestic violence affect children? Children are traumatized by witnessing violence in their family. The children in these homes are at high risk of being battered themselves by either the batterer or the victim. In addition, the long-term effects of witnessing such violence can create a cycle of violence that spans generations. We know that many men who are abusive witnessed their mothers being abused and many were victims of physical abuse themselves.

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We also know that women who come from a family in which they witnessed their mother being battered are more susceptible to developing what is called "battered women's syndrome. Both men and women who come from abusive homes may come to view the violence they have witnessed as normal, and carry it into their own relationships as adults.

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Can men be the victims of domestic violence? According to the U. Department of Justice, 95 percent of the victims of domestic violence are women.

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The National Crime Victimization Survey consistently finds that no matter who initiates the violence, women are 7 to 10 times more likely to be injured than are men. It's important to realize the climate of intimidation and control that occurs in abusive families. Most men will say they are not afraid of the woman with whom they live, even if they had also been hit, scratched, or punched by her.

However, you'll often hear that women are terrorized and live in constant fear of being battered by the man with whom they live. The difference in strength and physical size puts a woman at more risk than a man. Ezekiel R. Domestic Violence Discussion Questions: Is there a profile of men who batter their partners?