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You'll get EX Jewels during the event. That item can be traded for event exclusive cards at Card Trader EX! You can only trade each card once! The recommended cards shown below. Pick-a-Gift Campaign! Unknown Duelist Roaming Event. DSOD World.

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Dark Dimension. Master of Chaos. Special Gift Campaign. Train Your Kuriboh! Period 17 July - 26 July Collect Dice Fragments! Advance through the map! Rolling the Dice once will cost you 7 Dice Fragments and give a result from Complete the zone to obtain a Reward! Clear the event multiple times to get all the rewards.

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Save up the Lottery Coins to use in the Lottery! Each lottery pull will cost you 30 coins. Sparks when on your pull will indicate at least one platinum pack. Note: :To see the Challenge Guide page, please click the link below:. King of Game Challenge Guide. Note: :Treasure Room will only appear on your second round and onward. Ojama Lvl Land of the Ojamas Skill. Legendary Duelist's Decklist. Must be Special Summoned from your hand by sending 3 face-up Continuous Spell Cards you control to the Graveyard, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways.

When this card destroys your opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX- Season 1 Episode 02- Welcome to Duel Academy

While this card is in face-up Defense Position, your opponent cannot target other monsters for attacks. Event Completed Achievement. Hot New Top. I really like this event.

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It's nice, but maybe they should renew it just like when they did about duel a-thon. I'm done farming lv Anonymous Reply. Same, round 4 completed farming. You guys are lucky I still don't have new card from lottery only old card I'm keep getting. Mind gimme some of your luck please?

It's a good thing I don't care about this event. Could focus on more important games Like Kamihime Project. I'm very sure they rigged the AI to always have the perfect hand from Round 3 onward. Lv40 was a breeze at Round 1, but in Round 3 it becomes impossible to do some of the missions in each duel. Heck against Bastion and Chazz I didn't get to do any of the mission at all, I'm forced to end it quickly otherwise I'm gonna be wasting even more dice and booster items.

Helpful Troll. ZX Reply.

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Ah yes nearly forgot about it I forgot about one move per 7 dices Yeah, it's basically "a ton". Unless you have like, thousands of duel orbs to spend, you'll better off just doing the event normally, little by little. Submission form. Popular pages. Dark Side of Dimension World appear! Upcoming events [Sept]. Available card boxes. PvP Best decks [7 October Updated].

Dark Magician: deck recipe [After Sept ]. Spellbook: deck recipe [Oct Updated]. King of Game decks [Oct ] Says the one posting the spam, you know if they really wanted to they could subpoena your IP and Gravekeeper's Spiritualist PvP Best decks [7 October Updated] Just do the same pls :. Darklord Deck: deck recipe [August Updated]. Six Samurai Synchro: deck recipe [August ]. Triamid: deck recipe [Sept Updated]. Neos Fusion: deck recipe [Sept Updated]. Magician's Rod Decks and Tips.

My Monster Card Skill broken? Do you think A Legendary Ocean deck would be viable in this dueling format? Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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